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Dr J Compdriver by Jose de Castro
Dr J Emerald Overdrive + Boost Guitar Effect
Dr J Lancelot Distortion + Boost Guitar Effect
Mooer Ensemble Queen Bass Chorus
Mooer GE100
Mooer Macro Power S8
Mooer Reverie Chorus
Mooer Reverie Reverb
PEI Ultem Edge Guitar Pick, 0.75mm
PEI UItem Edge Guitar Pick, 1.00mm
PEI/Ultem, Hi-Modulus Pick, 0.75mm guitar pick
PEI/Ultem, Hi-Modulus Pick, 1.00mm guitar pick
Fibertex, Hi-Modulus Pick, 0.60mm guitar pick
Fibertex, Hi-Modulus Pick, 0.75mm guitar pick
Fibertex, Hi-Modulus Pick, 1.00mm guitar pick
Taurus Stomp Head 5.CE Guitar Amp
Taurus Abigar Extreme Bass Drive MK2
Taurus T-Di Bass Pre MK2
Taurus T-Di Plus Bass Preamp MK2
DR J PEDALS | Create Your Own Tone
ROCKREADY | For the Gigging Musician
MOOER AUDIO | Small, Smart, Original
BIGFOOT ENGINEERING Effect Pedals | Hand built in England
PICKBOY Guitar Picks | Your Tone Starts Here
TAURUS | Original European Design
Mooer Baby Tuner
Mooer Graphic G
Mooer Micro DI
Mooer Mod Factory
Mooer Pure Boost
Mooer Reecho Effects Pedal
Mooer Soul Shiver
Mooer Woodverb
Mooer Yellow Comp
Classic Nylon Guitar Pick, 0.50mm
Classic Nylon Guitar Pick, 0.60mm
Classic Nylon Guitar Pick, 0.73mm
Classic Nylon Guitar Pick, 0.88mm
Classic Nylon Guitar Pick, 1.00mm
Natural Horn Guitar Pick 1.00mm
Natural Horn Guitar Pick 1.20mm
Exotic Bone Guitar Pick
Exotic Boxwood Guitar Pick
Exotic Ebony Guitar Pick
Exotic Horn Guitar Pick
Exotic Sample Pack
Exotic Rosewood Guitar Pick
Finger Pick, Ivory, Medium
Finger Pick, Black, Medium
Finger Pick, Rainbow, Medium
Finger Pick, T-Shell, Medium
Thumb Pick, Ivory, Medium
Thumb Pick, Black, Medium
Thumb Pick, Rainbow, Medium
Thumb Pick, T-Shell, Medium
Thumb Pick, White, XL
Taurus Abigar Extreme Bass Drive MK2
Taurus Abigar Bass Drive MK2
Bigfoot Trouble Booster
Taurus Tux Opto Compressor MK2
Taurus Vechoor Chorus MK2
Taurus Zebu Reverb-Delay MK2
Taurus Dexter Polyphonic Octaver MK2
Bigfoot King Fuzz
Bigfoot Octo Puss Octaver
Bigfoot Octo Puss Prime
Taurus T-Di Bass Pre MK2
Taurus T-Di Plus Bass Preamp MK2
Bigfoot Thunder Pup

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We carry a full range of music gear and accessories to support any musician. From guitar effects pedals, to guitar picks, to gig bags, and conduction batons, you’re guaranteed to find the music gear you need at the price you desire. At Osiamo Music Gear, we strive to deliver the best brands and highest quality music gear. The products you find on our site are not mass-produced, mass-marketed, and never compromise on quality. Our suppliers are selected with integrity and reliability in mind.

Looking for guitar effects pedals? You’ve come to the right place. With brands like Taurus, Mooer Audio, Bigfoot, and Dr. J, you can have confidence you’re buying the highest quality effects pedals when you buy from Osiamo Music Gear. Check out our Boutique Pedal page if you're looking for something special.

We've also created pages on our site dedicated to bass players and acoustic guitar players. Our Acoustic Corner and our Bass Gear pages cater to your individual needs.

We encourage you to explore our site and contact us if you need help selecting your next music gear purchase.

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