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Mooer Baby Tuner
Mooer Graphic G
Mooer Micro DI
Mooer Pure Boost
Mooer Reecho Effects Pedal
Mooer Soul Shiver
Mooer Woodverb
Mooer Yellow Comp
Pickboy Chromatic Clip Guitar Tuner
Classic Nylon Guitar Pick, 0.50mm
Classic Nylon Guitar Pick, 0.60mm
Classic Nylon Guitar Pick, 0.73mm
Classic Nylon Guitar Pick, 0.88mm
Classic Nylon Guitar Pick, 1.00mm
Bone Guitar Bridge Pins, Exotic Series
Brass Guitar Bridge Pins, Extra Mass
Horn Guitar Bridge Pins, Exotic Series
Rosewood Guitar Bridge Pins, Exotic Series
Ebony Guitar Bridge Pins, Exotic Series
Replace Set Guitar Bridge Pins with Puller, Black
Replace Set Guitar Bridge Pins with Puller, White
Natural Horn Guitar Pick 1.00mm
Natural Horn Guitar Pick 1.20mm
Exotic Bone Guitar Pick
Exotic Boxwood Guitar Pick
Exotic Ebony Guitar Pick
Exotic Sample Pack
Exotic Rosewood Guitar Pick
Finger Pick, Ivory, Medium
Finger Pick, Black, Medium
Finger Pick, Rainbow, Medium
Finger Pick, T-Shell, Medium
Thumb Pick, Ivory, Medium
Thumb Pick, Black, Medium
Thumb Pick, Rainbow, Medium
Thumb Pick, T-Shell, Medium
Thumb Pick, White, XL

Mooer Mod Factory

Mod Factory

The Mod Factory packs 11 different modulation effects into one micro pedal. The Mop Factory uses a 32 bit high performance DSP chip giving each effect the same tone a full size individual pedal. The effects included are chorus, flanger, phaser, envelope phaser, tremolo, stutter, vibrato, univibe, auto wah, touch wah and envelope ring modulator.

Click here to download manual.

Product Details

Control Knob 1 Adjusts speed or sensitivity of effect
Control Knob 2 Adjusts level or tone of sound
Depth Knob Adjusts depth of modulation effects
Mode Select modulation effect
Power Supply external power supply 9V (center minus plug)
Dimensions (HxWxD) 93.5 x 38 x 49.5mm
Weight 160g
Switching True Bypass
Model Mooer Mod Factory

Artist User List

Bruce Bouillet
Bruce Bouillet
Alex Grossi Osiamo and Mooer endorsee
Alex Grossi

Price: $98.00

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Mooer Sweeper
Sweeper, bass dynamic envelope filter pedal
Price: $88.00
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